4K Wide Keypad
4K Wide Keypad
4K Wide Keypad
4K Wide Keypad
4K Wide Keypad
4K Wide Keypad

4K Wide Keypad

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A 4-key version of the RGB keypad made for use with Taiko and Mania. Like the 2K basic model, this was previously the "no bells and whistles" model, but now features a bottom-mounted RGB LED that adds some RGB underglow as well as hot-swap sockets that let you change your switches on the fly! The screw on the right side of the keypad functions as a side button (mapped to escape) and is also used to change LED modes and the color of the keys on the "custom" LED mode. This wide version has a space in the middle to allow for more space between your hands when playing taiko or mania.


  • Four keys mapped to Z, X, C, and V
  • A touch-sensitive side button (can be disabled)
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android (depends on device)
  • LED can be configured without software
  • Each key can be remapped to up to 3 simultaneous keys via the software remapper
  • Switches are hot-swappable

Package Contents

  • Keypad
  • 3D printed flat keycaps with pre-installed o-rings
  • Pre-installed microsuction tape
  • 3 foot micro USB cable


  • Micro USB interface
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • 1 ms response time